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Euroteam France SAS is a business unit, with headquarters and warehouse are located in the north of France, which is responsible for the distribution of products BOSSINI on the French market since 2001, the Euroteam foundation.

Euroteam, now includes all the knowledge regarding health Bathroom: with shower and bath, taps, flushing. By allying with partners with high potential for quality and innovation ...

Euroteam ets official distributor of Bossini, F.LLI Frattini and OMP TEA.


1960 Opening of the historic seat Lumezzane .

Bossini Group today comprises three workshops in Italy and four subsidiaries for distribution in Europe.

Bossini 1975 - Establishment of Castenedolo

It is the commercial, administrative and operational headquarters of the group. Design services and product development, as well as laboratories use of the most modern technologies and advanced IT tools . It is here that are cleaning units , grinding and chrome metal components , as well as the production of hoses , assembly, product packaging and shipping department .

1990 Establishment of Montichiari

Workshops stamping, plating, storage and assembly of all plastic products operate in Montichiari . Energy needs are fully covered by a cogeneration unit .

2001 Expansion of the facility Castenedolo with the completion of a new workshop for advanced plating of brass components and potentiation workshops flexible tubing .

2005 Expansion of Montichiari Hotel Alejandria , for the potentiation of production services , such as very sophisticated metallization of plastic parts workshop.

Distribution subsidiaries : 1990 , Bossini españa SL 2007 Bossini Sp zoo (Poland ), 2009 Bossini IBB UK since 2001 Euroteam France SAS.

Normes internationales


The company FRATELLI Frattini Spa was founded in 1958 per Frattini three brothers.

It is located on Lake Orta, 80 km from Milan, in the province of Novara in Italy.

All phases of manufacturing are performed in our factory 15 000m ² which complement research offices and departments lathes, chrome, BURNISH, assembly and delivery.

In our range, we offer many series offering multiple solutions for any type of bathroom.

We assure the quality of our products 100% Made in Italy and effective at your service.



Hydrosanitaire quality products for 50 years.

OMP A SPA is a family run company located in northern Italy , specifically in the area of ​​Brescia. Present on the national and international market for 50 years. Omp is specialized in the production of products for hydrosanitaire sector.

What was there was just 50 years , a small-scale production of traps and plugs brass became , during the period of economic boom, an industry that is distinguished and stands still national and European hydrosanitaire market.

Originally, the production of traps and plugs was performed mainly with a brass alloy first choice . it is only by qu'OMP suite is equipped for the production of a wide range of plastic products such as PP , HDPE and ABS. For nearly thirty years the two product lines successfully complete .

The experience of export allowed us to get our products to major European certifications.